What are you even doing here, Jen?

Ummm…that’s an excellent question. Many, many years ago I started out as a blogger. I had 70 readers (maybe you’re one of them) and then I went viral (a few times) and I found a fuckton of readers (you’re probably one of them). So, I started blogging all the time. UNTIL…I stopped. To be honest, I got burnt out and I wasn’t loving it anymore. UNTIL…lately I’ve been feeling the urge to get the band back together (the band is the blog in this scenario).

It’s going to be like the old days when I wrote about anything and everything. There will be my pithy observations and/or rants on pop culture, politics, parenting, and…hmm…I need another p-word. How about punching? (But not for real. I’m all bark with very little bite.) There might also be some enlightened insight and shit. I’m kinder and gentler now than I was in the old days.

I’ve got so much to say about the daily fuckery in my life, not to mention these unprecedented times we’ve all been living through for the past several years. My guess is you probably need to hear it.

Why should I subscribe, Jen? What’s in it for me?

You should subscribe because this is going to be the only place you’ll get my new blog posts. You will laugh your ass off, you might get mad and kick a wall, or you could bawl your eyes out. No matter what, you’ll feel something!

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Don’t have FOMO.

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It's humor, not how-to. New York Times bestselling author, Jen Mann, has a lot of stories to tell and you're going to want to hear them. She's like Erma Bombeck - but with f-bombs.


I'm a New York Times bestselling author and award-winning blogger. I say what everyone else is thinking. I use f-bombs like commas and I like to make you laugh.